A Diamond Alternative: Moissanite

  If you’ve looked around, and done your fair share of showroom visits with jewelers, you have come to realize that diamonds can get quite expensive. We know how you feel! Luckily, there is another alternative to diamonds, and it costs must less. Moissanite is a natural stone that was first discovered in 1893 by … Continued

Can I reuse my gold?

As a jeweller, we see this question come up quite often…“can you take my gold, and reuse it to make something new?”.  The answer quite simply is no. Here are the two main reasons why this is not possible: 1. Casting one single item is expensive Casting one single item is expensive and wastes gold. … Continued

Men’s Wedding Bands: Where do I start?

Women tend to put a lot of thought into what their engagement ring may look like one day. They’ve envisioned the colour, and design of it for longer than they can remember. On the other hand, men have never given this a thought until after the engagement. Many are astonished to learn that picking a … Continued

Gold or Platinum?

  Gold and Platinum are the two most common metals when designing an engagement ring. Both metals have their benefits, and it ultimately depends which one matches your needs the best. Gold is a naturally yellow colour, while platinum is naturally white. If you want a yellow ring, then gold is the best option. However, if … Continued