What can you do with gold jewellery that you never wear? You can trade it in for something new!

Myth: Gold jewellery cannot be melted down and made into something new. Please read our blog here and learn about why jewellers do not melt your old gold.

We offer a trade in value for your gold, and you can use that credit in store to purchase or custom make new jewellery.

1. Bring in your gold jewellery.

2.  We will weigh and test your gold.

3.  You will receive a trade in value based on current prices.


a) Does Luxe buy stones set in jewellery, or loose stones?

In most cases, we do not buy stones.

b) Do you buy old, used jewellery?

No, we do not purchase old jewellery. We will only offer the market scrap rate for the gold in your jewellery.

c) Do you pay cash for gold?

We do not offer cash for gold. We will only issue a credit that can be spent in our store on products or services.

d) Do I need to schedule an appointment?

We encourage all our clients to schedule an appointment. This allows us to better serve you. To schedule an appointment, click here.

e) Can I get a price on the spot?

It depends. If your jewellery has stones, is unmarked, or it needs additional testing from a goldsmith and gemologist, we cannot offer a trade in value on the spot. All trade-in offers are also finalized by senior team members, therefore it is important to set up an appointment, so a senior team member is available to you on the spot.

For any other questions, please email us: info@luxejewllery.ca