At Luxe Jewellery, we understand that quality and price both matter when you’re shopping for jewellery. We never want you to stress about price when working with us. We will price match any brick-mortar retailer, and online retailer. 

Shopping online is an increasing trend and it comes with a trade-off. With price savings, there is also a risk associated with the purchase. For example, the stone online in an image may look different when it arrives, or the ring may have a stone that falls out and service time is 3-4 weeks with your jewellery going in the mail. Understanding technical aspects to diamonds and gemstones can also be tricky, so how do you know you got the most value out of your dollar? If the price looks too good to be true, it usually always is, and there is a technical aspect to the diamond or gemstone that you may not catch versus a jeweller. Now, you are able to work with us, show us links to what you’re seeing, and we will source a comparable stone at the SAME PRICE. You receive all the guidance of a trained jeweller at the same price savings, with no risk. 

We also price match any brick-mortar retailers. If you see something at a competitor, we are able to offer the same price. Bring in a confirmed quote from the jeweller with specifications, and we will be happy to get you the same price savings.

At Luxe Jewellery, we strive to be the most competitive in terms of pricing and service. As a client, you will always receive the best guidance, quality, and price. If you would like to learn more, please visit us in store, or email us