At Luxe Jewellery, we understand that quality and price both matter when you’re shopping for jewellery. We never want you to stress about price when working with us. We will price match any brick-mortar retailer, and online retailer. 

Shopping online is an increasing trend and it comes with a trade-off. With price savings, there is also a risk associated with the purchase. For example:

  • The stone online in an image may look different when it arrives.
  • The ring may have a stone that falls out and service time is 3-4 weeks with your jewellery going in the mail.

Understanding technical aspects to diamonds and gemstones can also be tricky, so how do you know you got the most value out of your dollar? If the price looks too good to be true, it usually always is, and there is a technical aspect to the diamond or gemstone that you may not catch versus a jeweller. Now, you are able to work with us, show us links to what you’re seeing, and we will source a comparable stone at the SAME PRICE. You receive all the guidance of a trained jeweller at the same price savings, with no risk. 

How it works:

  1. Email us a quote from a retailer with diamond price and ring price OR send us links from an online company that show us the loose diamond and ring of your choice. Please note, the stone has to be GIA, IGI or GCAL certified to qualify for price matching.
  2. We will match a comparable stone at the same price. We will also price match the ring (ring will be matched to the same price, regardless of whether it’s higher or lower at the competitor – see below for more details of why this policy exists).
  3. A certificate, video and images of the stone will be sent to you over email. Viewings are not possible for stones that are being price matched.
  4. Once you have reviewed the stone via email, you are able to submit a deposit, and your order will be processed!

**Please note, some retailers tend to aggressively mark down diamonds or gemstones, and inflate the prices of ring settings. Therefore, we take the final price of DIAMOND + RING from another retailer, and match the final quoted price with taxes and customs. Loose diamonds cannot be price matched without a ring setting purchase. **


1) Can I bring in a stone from an online company, and buy the ring with Luxe?

Yes however, we do not recommend this route. We charge an extra setting fee to work with your stone, and a stone liability waiver must be signed to be able to purchase one of our ring settings. Stones can crack and chip during setting pressure, and if you are buying the stone loose, you are assuming liability for it if it gets damaged during setting. We recommend keeping the full purchase (diamond + ring) with the same retailer. 

2) Can I price match wedding bands or other jewellery items?

No, we only price match engagement rings. Wedding bands all have different intricacies to them, like metal weight, quality, height, depth, therefore all will sit differently with your engagement ring. For this reason, we cannot price match. You can’t put a price on a perfect match!

3) Is there anything for engagement rings that cannot be price matched?

We do not price match any diamonds or stones listed below $2500 CAD online, or at another retailer. In most cases, that means diamonds 0.50ct or below. We also do not price match certain quality diamonds (clarity of Si2 or below, and colour of H or below). We do not price match stones that do not have a viewable GIA, IGI, GCAL certificate. 

4) Can I upgrade my stone at a later time?

Yes, all our stones can be upgraded for 2x the original purchase price. For example, if you spend $5,000 on your stone, then you will qualify for an upgrade if you now spend $10,000 on the stone. The original $5000 will be credited back towards the purchase of the higher priced stone. We do not upgrade ring settings, and a new setting must be purchased if you are upgrading size and not quality. 

5) Are there any other discounts when price matching?

Yes, if you pay using a debit card, or bank draft, you can save 1.5% on the total purchase price. 

6) Can I come try on rings even though I’m considering buying online?

Yes we do not refuse service to any potential client! However, just be honest with us from the start before you work with a rep. During your appointment, we can effectively communicate and assess whether the same benefit you see somewhere else can be provided at Luxe. **We do not recommend scheduling a time with us or dropping in to see diamond sizes, and qualities to gauge what you’d like to buy online. If at any point the rep notices this, we reserve the right to refuse service and time.**

7) Can I view the stone and price match it?

No, viewings are a value added service. We can work with existing stones in store to show you different qualities, which equips you to make a decision on what you’d like to order. Most clients are price matching online stones. You are not able to view online stones in person either until the purchase is complete. Working with us ensures that the stone you’re buying is one that a trained jeweller does not see issues with. 

At Luxe Jewellery, we strive to be the most competitive in terms of pricing and service. As a client, you will always receive the best guidance, quality, and price. If you would like to learn more, please visit us in store, or email us