We offer a wide range of jewellery repair services. Our goldsmiths have over 25 years of experience, and are always able to find a solution to your needs. Repairs of every kind are welcome. Show us what you have and we will tell you what can be done. Your jewellery is in safe hands when it comes to Luxe, we know how much each piece means to you!

Repair Services:

Checking and Cleaning

Like anything we wear everyday, there is wear and tear. Let our goldsmiths take a look to determine if, a) claws are worn down, or b) stones needs to be re-tightened. While they’re checking your special piece, it will be cleaned.

(additional charges may apply if you choose to proceed with any repair recommendations)

Re-polish or Rhodium Plating

Does your jewellery look dull and scratched up? Most white metal jewellery has a plating, and getting it re-plated will bring it back to life! For yellow gold or platinum, get it polished and it will have its original shine back.

Ring Sizing (Silver, Gold, or Platinum)

Life happens! We gain weight, we lose weight, and then our rings don’t fit. Most rings can be sized without much difficulty. We work on silver, gold, and platinum rings.

Please note that costs vary by gold karat, thickness, number of stones on the ring, and whether you’re sizing up or down.


Jewellery is delicate especially chains, and unfortunately it breaks. Bring it in, and we’ll be able to solder it back together. Using a torch or laser method, it will look brand new again!

Rebuilding Ring Shanks

As we wear gold, it wears down. It eventually thins out at the bottom of the ring, and needs to be built back up with more gold. Depending on the gold karat, and how much of the ring needs to be rebuilt, costs will vary.

Re-tipping claws

The four claws holding your center stone in place wear down. They take a lot of hits everyday, and over time will thin out. We build them back up using more gold, and make sure your center stone is secure.

Replacing lost stones – varies

Stones can loosen and come out of their setting. If you happen to find the stones, then you’re lucky! If not, don’t worry, we can match the stones, and replace them. Costs vary by the type of stone, quality, and size.

Resetting stones into a new ring/pendant – varies

Do you have a ring that isn’t quite as strong anymore, or isn’t your taste? You can take your stones out, and move them into a new ring mount or pendant mount. Costs vary depending on the gold karat, heaviness, and number of stones that need to reset. The options are endless!


Don’t see something you need on our list? Bring it in and we’ll be happy to see what can be done. There is always a solution!