Can I reuse my gold?

As a jeweller, we see this question come up quite often…“can you take my gold, and reuse it to make something new?”.  The answer quite simply is no. Here are the two main reasons why this is not possible:

1. Casting one single item is expensive

Casting one single item is expensive and wastes gold. What is casting you ask? Casting is a process in which melted metal is poured into a wax mold and allowed to harden.   After a piece of jewelry is removed from the mold, it is filed, polished and, if need be, set with gemstones. Professional casting companies cast multiple items at one time, generally over 20-25 items in one cycle. This saves on material and labour costs.

If we were to cast a single item, then we have to use a single casting crucible (like a bowl that you melt the gold in) and we would need about six times as much gold as your ring will need to do the casting.

2. Gold jewellery is a mixture of different alloys

14K gold is 14 parts pure gold, and 10 parts different alloys/metals. In other words, in a 14K ring, 58% of it is gold, and the remaining 42% is other metals like palladium, zinc, silver, copper, etc. The tricky part is, as a jeweller, we have no idea what metals are in the remaining 42% when you bring your ring in.  Without scientific testing in a lab, it’s impossible to know what the alloy metals in your old gold are. Some of those alloys cannot be cast repeatedly. When we try to melt and recast them, odd things can occur. We risk discoloration, porosity, and cracking.

Gold ring showing signs of porosity after old gold was used and recast.
Gold ring showing signs of porosity after old gold was used and recast.

So what can you do with your old gold:

Trade it in! We can give you a credit on your old gold to put towards new projects. The credit you will receive depends solely on how much your item weighs, and if the stones in it can be pulled out and reused.

Alter it! We can take your existing ring and give it a fresh look. Once we are able to see your piece of jewellery, we can advise what can be done with it.

There are options of things you can do with your gold, visit us in store to find out more!