A Diamond Alternative: Moissanite

moissanite and diamond


If you’ve looked around, and done your fair share of showroom visits with jewelers, you have come to realize that diamonds can get quite expensive. We know how you feel! Luckily, there is another alternative to diamonds, and it costs must less. Moissanite is a natural stone that was first discovered in 1893 by French scientist named Henri Moissan. When he first discovered Moissanite, he thought he found diamonds. After conducting tests on the stones, he realized that although the stones resembled diamonds, they were composed of silicon carbide. Diamonds on the other hand are composed of carbon.

Natural Moissanite is actually very rare, and the majority of Moissanite in the market is lab made. After years of trial and error, Moissanite has been engineered to give the illusion of a diamond. The main benefits of Moissanite are, 1) It is eco-friendly; lab made versus mined, 2) It is price friendly, 3) It is durable like a diamond.


On Mohs Scale of Hardness, a Moissanite scores 9.25. This makes it a very hard stone that is resistant to scratching.

A diamond scores 10 on the Mohs scale of hardness. It is the hardest stone on Earth, and most durable. This is why diamond is popular and recommended in engagement rings that need to withstand everyday wear and tear.

Both stones score high on the Mohs scale, and therefore either one is great choice.


Moissanites have a different brilliance than diamonds.  They emit fiery, rainbow flashes. Although some love the sparkle, others complain that it looks like a disco ball in sunlight.

Diamonds reflect light in 3 different ways: brilliance, dispersion and scintillation. The combination of all 3 factors gives diamonds their sparkle. Each diamond sparkles differently and that depends on how well the stone is cut.

Moissanite sparkles differently than a diamond,  and some people notice it, whereas others have no problem with the extra sparkle. Until you see it, you won’t know!


One-carat nearly flawless Moissanite costs less than $1000.

One-carat imperfect diamond can cost upwards of $6000-$7000.

Obviously, $1000 is a lot easier on the wallet.

Our advice: If you are willing to let go of the thought of having the traditional “diamond” in a ring, then Moissanite is a great option. It gives you the benefits of having a diamond without the price tag.